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In other words, that is to say , his sons who wanted to continue Rentian Jun , you have to marry a white light Qingqiu White House can not . Ming is a look at Ron , Ron , but it really is too long a . Several other son Heaven's Soldiers under the seat in order to avoid rivalry rift , basically able to come talk to me . Of course, I have never had the honor to ignores them . The other gods who they wholesale nhl jerseys for kids face because of family day , and basically did not dare risk their family fell out of the sky came Edie Xiapin . Since then, I have completely deserted . Three hundred years ago, Heaven's Soldiers sealed Sun night Huajun do Prince , his successor throne . China this night , I can say that no understanding. nhl jerseys for kids Sang Ji only heard after being exiled , because several other sons were qualified under the seat flat , Heaven's Soldiers was very depressed. Fortunately, after three years , the central mistake for his son Tim had a clever grandson , let Heaven's Soldiers is very pleased. It is the grandson of the night China . Heaven's Soldiers lay handed down in accordance with the purpose then , I must with this night Huajun Cheng pro. China car that night , is said to have married a princess named Su Jin 's cheap nhl jerseys for kids side , grace Flourish , also gave birth to a little -day Sun , naturally careless with my marriage. I Zhexiang , although he is so unlike the person has been on the mind sharp . Younger I think he can be a nearly ten years , on the seniority when my aunt called me , called cheap nhl jerseys for kids online me on the age when our ancestors . They Henbuxiaxin , force yourself to take the initiative to make the marriage . Is dragged down so far. They might become the laughing stock of the whole glorious seas . Jun awful thing leads to the North Sea water , I Did not deficit , is simply a big loss , natural is the initiator of secrecy . I'm wondering , chiefly to bring the North Sea off the water overwhelmed Yan Jun, never bet with me Tim , but initiate , in order to elicit the following, then quickly make cheerfulness to , listen. He split the proceeds fat mouth deep laugh lines : "That little lady has caused severe morning sickness can be , but tens of thousands of years, water has been the king of the North Sea Tim three children , holds many lessons for the stomach , is said to be the fourth eldest , Pakistan snake is indeed visible can students . because of morning sickness that little lady 's sake, clamoring to eat peaches all day , this season, peach touches everywhere are everywhere, you had better talk to peach , heaven and earth , except me, never again eat something elsewhere Yes, with a north sea monarch thick skinned to find the door , since he so request , and I would have embarrassed not to . "

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