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J. E. MANALO & CO., INC. aims to be a corporation that achieves sustainable growth in its industry, as a general contractor, esteemed in the construction of civil works (foundations, ports and harbours, bridges and highways, industrial plant development, and waterworks). We shall strive to provide excellent service by:

  1. delivering quality work with prompt completion,

  2. forging formidable partnerships with our employees, suppliers, and community by
    safeguarding integrity, safety and the environment, and

  3. continuously improving our business and work ethics, as well as our management system.


To its Employees
The company shall provide an avenue for continued learning, improvement and self-fulfillment. The company shall provide a safe and healthy working environment of sound ethical and moral values.

To its Suppliers/Subcontractors
The company shall foster true partnership in all their dealings, realizing the fact that without them, success would be more difficult to achieve. As partners, the company shall strive to select suppliers and subcontractors who share the same values and professionalism.

To its Customers
The company shall consistently strive to serve with total quality in all its actions, exercise professionalism in all its dealings, and most of all provide total customer satisfaction. The company shall obtain projects because it has a high reputation for quality and timely delivery and it provides these at a very reasonable and competitive price.

To the Construction Industry
The company shall strive to be a leader not only in its chosen fields of specialization, but also in the field of overall project management which is universal no matter what type of endeavor. We shall hard to fulfill our role as stewards of the community, the industry, the country and the
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